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We are back online, but our systems are not operational yet. We are trying our best to role out a new, more secure website later this year. We appreciate your patience and support.

Have a wonderful day.

How to Get Your Articles Approved Faster Without a Single Rejection

Recently we have seen a huge influx of new writers. As a result, rejections have gone up. Most new writers are facing upto 10 rejections for each approved article. Some lose faith in DEP and some in their own writing skills. Both reactions to rejection of an article are natural but un necessary.

Rejections are easy to avoid. Just don’t copy content. write yourself. and follow these simple instructions.

New Title:  You have to suggest an alternative, attractive , catchy and SEO optimized Title for your article. That should never be left same as the source article.

On average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. This is the secret to the power of your title, and why it so highly determines the effectiveness of the entire piece. Read More

Keyword Placement:
we are in business of SEO writing. Articles should be focused on one keyword to get any ranking in search engine.

How to determine the Keyword:
Look at source article title, URL and text. and ask yourself

  • What is the word used most frequently?
  • What phrase will user type in Google search if they are looking for this information? Continue reading →

Common Grammar, and spelling Mistakes

Effective written communication relies on correct grammar and spelling. Avoiding common misspellings and grammatical errors ensures that your writing is clear, precise, and comprehensible. Readers often do not notice good grammar because the text is easily understood and enjoyable to read, but they do notice confusing grammatical errors that force them to re-read text and fumble for the author’s meaning. Punctuation equally affects the readability of a text: a misplaced comma or apostrophe can change the meaning of a sentence, often in confusing ways. Correct grammar and spelling makes a positive impression on readers, which is particularly important in business and academic communications.

Spelling mistakes and typographical errors make written communication difficult to read and understand. Spelling errors in academic and business documents, such as resumes and letters, can make the document appear unprofessional. Using an automated spell-checker will catch many spelling mistakes, but not all. Hand-written texts, such as letters, cards, and some academic exams, must be written without the benefit of automatic spell-check and the writer must be equipped to check his own spelling. Familiarity with the following commonly misspelled words is useful for all writers. Continue reading →

Payment to Content Writers Sent Via Check

For all those writers who have 1000 Rs or more in their DEP account Balances, a check has been mailed today using ordinary mail service of Pakistan Post office. All checks are Payees Account Only and were dispatched to  Writer’s current address on file.

You should get these checks before 10th of March. If by 15th of March you do not receive your check, you can request for a re-issue to our customer support. We will mail a replacement check immediately.

UBL Check Book and Envelopes

No Easy Paisa Anymore

Payments were not made thru Telenor Easy  this month because their transaction costs are prohibitively high and we have maxed out our Yearly limit of transactions as prescribed by State Bank of Pakistan.

Smoother Operations and Higher Payout

We would like to thank you for your support and are happy to announce that our per article Rates are All time high &  our operations are back to normal. All articles submitted by writers are being processed withing reasonable time and there are hardly 50 -70 articles pending processing in our system at any given time. A big thumbs up for our editorial team. Kudos..



The Tale of Two Servers & Lessons Learned…

On the eve of 13th March, 2012. Team DEP finished Each and every article in the Que, there was almost nothing pending their attention. Over 700 articles were processed during that night and everyone was happy for their share of hard work. But they never knew what fate had in store for them. Later that night, suddenly hard disks of our main server crashed followed by another crash of the backup server.

Inspedium Hosting , which was our primary host for most of our websites went completely under. None of the unfortunate websites hosted with them was alive. all dead. All the data was lost. All they could come back to us was with a backup taken by them dated back in september 2011.

Unfortunately, we took our last backup on 9th March… we take weekly backups & suddenly that was not enough This was our lesson No 1.

After quickly restoring DEP on another of our dedicated servers now hosted with HostGator. we painfully waited for DNS to propogate and that takes around 72 hours. Meanwhile , we tried to mine our office hard drives , emails and notepads to make sure that all financial transactions happened during that period can be restored.

Good News is that all of the articles along with their financial information was found and quickly restored. Bad news is that everything else.. dates, approvals, rejection reasons etc. was lost for the 3 days.

We have thus decided to move on. the team is back at work. trying to recover from the situation. Your help and patience is what we are counting on. Check your dashboards. if you see something way out of common sense. please email us urgently. we will try to rectify it as soon as possible.

One more thing, we have closed down our Promotion Module. we are working on its replacement. We will notify you as soon as something worth communicating comes up.

I just finished restoring this blog from Google’s Cache(we did not backup our own blog = Lesson 2). Comments before december 2011 are lost however.

I hope you will appreciate our openness and forgive our unforgivable sin of all.. loosing data. we are sorry about that and will try to make it up to you with some really good news soon.

Last lesson for me personally is that there is no such thing as too many backups. We should have a backup of everything. then backup of backups & then their backup… We should have a hosting company of our own too. A really good and reliable one….

How to Get Your Articles Approved Faster

Writing for blogs is same as writing for the print media but it’s little difficult for the readers to read on screen. It’s up to you to write your content in such manner that it becomes easier for the readers to read it!  But here on DEP its easier for a writer to write an article. Because source article is provided and the writer only has to re-write it. Source article is provided to save the writer’s time for searching on particular topic.

Basic Step for Re-Writing an Article

First of all when you select an article from quick pool, read it thoroughly so that you can understand the topic. This will take only 5 to 7 minutes of yours. When you will understand the source article it will become lot easier for you to suggest an alternate title for it. Make a plan in mind about re-writing the article.

Paragraph to Paragraph Reading

While re-writing the article do read the source article paragraph to paragraph like this you will re-write it step by step and paragraph to paragraph.  This will also help you not be out of the topic and continuity of the topic will not be broken.

Stick with Keywords

Keywords are essential for success of an article. When you choose any topic such as “car insurance for teenagers” in this topic the certain keywords are “car insurance, car insurance for teenagers, car insurance under 21 years of age”.  Keywords are the words which people use to search for information on search engines. That’s why its essential to stick with keywords so that more readers can search out your article while online searching.

Don’t Provide the Hint Give Thorough Information

To write a good article the writer must have to provide the thorough information regarding the topic. Keep in mind as you are communicating with the reader. This thing will lead you to write in more specific manner which will result a good article outcome.

Make Your Article Conversational

There is a “personal” aspect to web-based content which is not found in print media. As people see your article on the Personal Computers on which they work also. So make your article conversational as you are addressing them. This will bring a friendlier aspect in your article but be sure the article is written in such manner that its easy to read and have flow of words.

Tips to Get You Article Quickly Approved

There are certain things if a writer follow then he/she can get article approved quickly. Because of huge submissions editors are not finding time to correct the minor mistakes so as a result they have to reject the article on first mistake they find. On average our Editors spend 3 minutes to 5 minutes on an article. If rejected, an article jumps back to the writer who already had spent time in writing it. When writer submits it back the article goes to pending articles. This again takes long time to be checked again by another editor. Average que time for an article these days is 300 Hours. We are working hard to reduce it to 72 hours but you have to cooperate with us for that. Here are certain steps for the writers to follow them for quick approval of the article:

1. Title

Always suggest an alternate title to your article. The title must contain the main keywords and should have to match the article which you had written.

2. Formatting

The content of the article should have to be justified. Written in proper format and subheadings should have to be in Heading 3 format. When writer will submit the article in proper format it will be easier for editor to read it and approve it quickly without wasting any time.

3. Excerpt

Excerpt of the article has to be short and should contain the keywords. Usually an excerpt from 40 to 60 words is enough for an article. Excerpt is a short summary or main idea of your article. In excerpt you describe the article’s main idea. It’s same as movies trailers are launched before the release. In simple words excerpt is trailer of your article.

4. Grammar & Punctuation

The writer must be having good grammar as the articles are for the US readers. So writer must have to take care of the grammar and punctuation.

5. Always Read Your Article before Submitting

Always read your article before submitting it! When you finish re-writing the article then read it your self so that minor mistakes like spelling or mistyped words can be corrected right away. This will save you a lot of  time and time of the editors is  also saved. He is more likely to approve your articles more quickly.

6. Copied Content

Copied content is strictly prohibited; do copy the idea, but not the words. Copied content will lead your article to quick rejection and it will impact your other articles too. You will be subject to summary rejections by all editors without any hesitation.  Best idea is to read the source article and re-write the concept in your own words.

Bottom Line

Follow the above mentioned guidelines and save your time to get your articles approved quickly. This will lead to your article get publish quickly and you will get the money added to your accounts quickly also!

Payment for Feb 2012 Issued Early

Payment for feb-2012 has been issued early this month. please use the usual passcode 12345 for easy paisa transactions.

Important thing to note is that from this month forward, DEP will not be paying transaction charges for easypaisa payments. Writers are requested to get an account in UBL or Meezan Bank. Or they should acquire a UBL prepaid Visa Card(available free from any UBL branch).

we will be sending Checks / Doing online transfers from next month for all payments above 3000 Rs. For payments below 3000 Rs and above 1000 Rs. we will still send via easy paisa but transaction charges will be deducted.

Payments For December 2011 Issued

Everyone, who has more than 1000/- Rs. balance in their dep account has been sent a payment via easy paisa. Since we are operating on a net loss last year, there was no bonus given to anyone including writers and editors.

Hopefully January 2012 brings some new clients and more business opportunities for all of us.

Team Sutlej: Staff Required for Bahawalpur Office

Sutlej Solutions  (http://www.sutlej.net/)  is Mother company of Data Entry Pakistan. A new office is being planned in Bahawalpur. Hiring is in progress for the new office.

Sutlej Solution urgently requires Content Writers / Bloggers with Exceptional Level of English grammar and Composition skills. Your work will include Article Writing, Press Releases, Forums, Blogs, SEO based Content, Marketing Material.

Experience & Details:

Experience is good but not necessary. All you need is good grasp on language, everything else can be taught at work.
Salary range is 10,000 to 35,000 depending upon your level of expertise and time you can put in.
work from home is optional for candidates with laptop and good internet connections.

How to Apply:

Please send CV at: mansoor@sutlej.net or call 0333-3414999 during reasonable hours.

PS: Only residents of Distt. Bahawalpur and Lodhran can apply