Suspension of Pakistan Operations Till Further Notice

We are very sorry to inform you that Data Entry Pakistan will be suspending its Pakistan operations till further notice.

Neither are we running away with your money Nor we are closing our website/ business. Suspension simple means that..

No new work will be available and we expect that all your current work in progress should be completed/ approved / processed  by October 15th

Your DEP Account balances will be completely paid out as they will be on 1st Nov, 2011.

DEP system will remain to be available online and all your account information will be safe with us.

Once again please rest assured that everyone will be paid. so do not panic.

We will be back soon with a new business model and software and will also keep you updated on any future plans. so keep checking these pages for an update.

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  1. M.Ahmad Mahmood

    When will you launch your next business model? Any exact or approximate dates???

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